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AKRON, Ohio – The past year has been very difficult for 4-year-old Billy Cramer of Mogadore.

The boy was diagnosed with neuroblastoma about a year ago and since then, has been in and out of hospital rooms. The cancer commonly affects young children.

“My son is my hero. I have watched him go through things that I don’t think I could do and he does it with a smile. He always has a smile no matter how rough it is or how hard it is for us. He’s always got a smile,” said his father, William Cramer.

The cancer has been hard on his parents.

William and Billy’s mother, Sarah Lewis, have discussed marriage plans during the nearly six years they have been together. But they said are always obstacles pushing their plans back.

Through much of the past year, William has been at home with the couple’s 1-year-old daughter, Delaney, and 2-year-old son, Mason, while Sarah has spent much of her time with Billy at the hospital.

“We have made plans for, you know, a big wedding… and something just seems to happen to throw the plans away for a little bit. And we keep putting it off and saying when things slow down a little bit, then we will do it. Well, we have three very small children so it’s probably not going to slow down any time soon so we figured let’s do it.”

With Billy admitted to Akron Children’s Hospital before Christmas, the couple decided to make everybody’s holiday a special one and get married there, in Billy’s room.

The ceremony officiated by her uncle, Pastor David Crisco, took place on Christmas Day.

“I think the hospital has become our second home. Everyone here treats us like family and treats him like family, and that’s really important to us,” Sarah said, adding “Christmas Day all our family was going to be together and our immediate family, the people who were most important to us and we wanted here.”

“Christmas has always been special for me. I love winter. I love being with my family, but I think this is going to make everybody’s Christmas a little bit better,” William said.

Hospital personnel helped, bringing a lighted arch for the ceremony, putting rose pedals on the floor and doing their best to make the wedding special.

“On Christmas, we try to bring happiness and to the kids that have to be here on Christmas,” nurse practitioner Courtney Culbertson said. “But a wedding is pretty special and it’s pretty neat that we were able to help make it happen here in the hospital and make their day as special as possible for as much as they are going through.”

“I would definitely say it is on our Christmas list,” William said after the ceremony. “Maybe we didn’t think it would happen so soon, but it definitely did and I’m happy that it happened.”

“It’s very special. It’s a Christmas miracle it really is. Very special and to bring joy to their hearts on a special day is pretty awesome,” Culbertson said.

Billy Cramer watched his parents get married on Christmas in his hospital room at Akron Children's Hospital.
Billy Cramer watched his parents get married on Christmas in his hospital room at Akron Children’s Hospital.