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TOLEDO, Ohio –Three people were hurt during a shooting outside an Ohio high school football game Friday night.

According to Toledo Police, shots rang out during the 4th quarter at Whitmer High School during their game against Central Catholic High School.

Two adults and one juvenile were shot, but are expected to be okay, according to police.

More than a dozen off-duty police officers and area sheriff deputies were working the game, according to officials, and began evacuating the stadium while searching for victims.

Those who had been shot were found near the football field house and taken to a nearby hospital.

There are no suspects in custody at this time, but police say surveillance video has already been helpful.

A joint statement from Chief George Kral, Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, and Washington Local
School Superintendent Dr. Kadee Anstadt was released, saying:

Last night was a terrible and traumatic event. Thankfully what can be said about what
happened at the Whitmer / Central Catholic football game is this: all 3 victims sustained only
minor injuries, and they will all be OK.

The City of Toledo and the Washington Local School system are working together to determine
what transpired during the 4th quarter of the game. Surveillance video has already been helpful
in identifying the potential target, and while no one is in custody at this time, TPD will continue
its investigation until all facts are gathered and justice is served.

A total of 16 law enforcement professionals were working the game, so a substantial police
presence was in place before the event occurred. Additionally and according to WLS policy, all

guests entering the stadium were scanned with a metal wand for weapons. Following the
shooting which occurred outside the stadium, WLS officials did a superb job of executing its
emergency evacuation plan, which played a crucial role in protecting the safety of those in

There is still a lot we don’t know about the events of last night, but we do know this — what
happened in our City was unacceptable. Everyone should be able to enjoy a Friday night
football game without having to fear for their safety.

We are thankful that no one was seriously injured, but we will not rest until those involved are
brought to justice — and events like this never happen again.”

A possible $5,000 cash reward is being offered to anyone with information related to this incident. Those with information are asked to call or text Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111.