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Twenty five years after her disappearance, there’s a new push to find Amy Mihaljevic‘s killer with a focus on information from those who knew her mother.

Mihaljevic was just 10 years old when she disappeared from a Bay Village shopping plaza on October 27, 1989.

After an extensive search by authorities, a jogger found her body four months later in Ashland County.

Investigators said a man who knew Amy’s mother had been promoted at work called Amy several days before her abduction.

She told friends he wanted to take her to buy her mom a gift since she could keep a better secret than her brother, luring her to the plaza after school. Investigators said he then had Amy call her mother to tell her she was at home.

“A lot of people aren’t sure if this case is solved or unsolved, and obviously, it’s unsolved,” said FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson. “We’re asking the public again for assistance.”

Investigators conducted thousands of interviews but have not cracked the case.

Since the killer knew so much about the family, there’s now a renewed focus on those who knew Amy’s mother, Margaret, and may remember something or someone unusual.

“Sometimes people think, ‘oh, it’s nothing,’ so they kind of dismiss it,” Anderson said. “They think it’s not very much information, but they don’t know what we know, so that little bit of information they have may be all we’re looking for.”

DNA recovered at the scene is continually being resubmitted for testing.

“There’s a lot of hope. Technology has changed. There is DNA. We’re hoping as technology advances, maybe that will solve it for us, but technology’s not where we need it to be in this situation so we need help,” Anderson said.

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office brought in retired FBI agent Phil Torsney to dig deeper into an investigation he was on at the start.

A campaign this year including billboards led to about ninety tips.

“I’ve never lost hope,” Amy’s father, Mark, told FOX 8 earlier this year, saying he’s optimistic authorities will find the killer. “That would sure put some closure on it.”

Anyone with tips is asked to call the FBI at 216-522-1400 or Bay Village Police at 440-871-1234.

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