(WJW) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced an expansion to the recall impacting ice cream tainted with Listeria.

The initial recall earlier this month was connected to Soft Serve On The Go ice cream cups.

Now, the FDA says all Ice Cream House branded products have been recalled as well.

They’ve been sold at supermarkets in Ohio, New York and New Jersey.

Two people have been sickened in the outbreak, one in Pennsylvania and one in New York, the FDA reports.

Here’s the full list.

Premium Sorbet 5 Liter / All flavorsparve1 PACKFood Service
Premium Ice Cream 5 Liter SUGAR FREE / All flavorsdairy1 PACKFood Service
Premium Ice Cream 5 Liter / All flavorsdairy / parve1 PACKFood Service
Premium Sorbet Mix 4 gal. All flavorsparve1 PACKFood Service
Trio Log Sorbetparve1 PACK0-91404-15166-5
Trio Log Ice Cream Dairydairy1 PACK0-91404-15137-5
Trio Log Ice Cream Parveparve1 PACK0-91404-15136-8
9” Ice Cream Pie Vanilla / Chocolatedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15428-4
9” Ice Cream Pie Razzledairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15112-2
Premium Sorbet Trifle Mediumparve1 PACK0-91404-15164-1
Premium Sorbet Trifle Smallparve1 PACK0-91404-15165-8
8′ Sorbet Cake Strawberry / Mangoparve1 PACK0-91404-15429-1
10” Sorbet 4 Layer Cakeparve1 PACK0-91404-15111-5
10′ Heart Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15171-9
10′ Hello Kitty Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15174-0
10″ Round Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15179-5
Mini Heart Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15173-3
Mini Round Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15182-5
Mini Sorbet Cake Blueberry / Limeparve1 PACK0-91404-15219-8
Mini Sorbet Cake Strawberry / Mangoparve1 PACK0-91404-15132-0
Heaven Layer Vanilla / Strawberry / Mocha / Vanillaparve1 PACK0-91404-15184-9
Tropical Flute / Pre-Cut 12 Slicesparve1 PACK0-91404-15243-3
Adventures Twist / Pre-Cut 12 Slicesparve1 PACK0-91404-15244-0
Mont Blanc D’zert Ice Cream / Pre-Cut 12 Slicesparve1 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15247-1
De’Lighting Frozen Dessert / Pre-Cut 12 Slicesparve1 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15266-2
{P} Cookies & Cream Roll Cakeparve1 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15299-3
{P} Strawberry Shortcake Rollparve1 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15298-0
6′ Heart Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15172-6
6′ Hello Kitty Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15176-4
{P} 6′ Round Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15181-8
6” Razzle Bombdairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15422-2
6″ Sorbet Cake Passion Pomegranateparve1 PACK0-91404-15155-9
8″ Square Vanilla Mocha Strawberryparve1 PACK0-91404-15143-6
8′ Heart Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15309-6
8′ Hello Kitty Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15175-7
8″ Round Cakedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15180-1
8” Razzle Bombdairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15421-5
Check’ice board Ice Cream Pre-Cut 12 Slicesdairy / parve1 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15144-3
Check’ice board Sorbet Pre-Cut 12 Slices Straw/Mango/Vanparve1 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15144-3
Car Cake largedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15423-9
Car Cake Smalldairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15425-3
10” Sorbet Cake cherryparve1 PACK0-91404-15111-5
Ocean Wavesdairy / parve5 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15300-3
Cream ‘N’ Sorbet Pizzazz Mangoparve4 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15140-5
Cream ‘N’ Sorbet Pizzazz Strawberryparve4 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15141-2
French Coffee Ovaldairy / parve4 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15360-7
Black ‘N’ Whites Vanilla Chocolatedairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15260-0
Sorbet Swirlparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15400-0
Double Fudge Sandwichdairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15240-2
Mini Cigarsdairy / parve10 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15120-7
Cigar Shellsdairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15130-6
Mini Conedairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15220-4
Mini Ice Cream Lolliesdairy / parve12 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15110-8
Mini Sorbet Lolliesparve12 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15246-4
Kleina Bitesparve12 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15148-1
Hearty Tartparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15363-8
Mister Conedairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15430-7
Sushi ‘N’ Creamparve8 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15291-4
Mini Razzle ‘N’ Dazzledairy / parve9 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15409-3
Mini Sorbetparve9 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15408-6
Rosebudsparve5 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15185-6
Mini Chocolate Sorbet Tartsparve12 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15411-6
Strawberry Himalayaparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15135-1
Peanut Butter Coreparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15134-4
Trimocha Vanilladairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15229-7
Triangle Up Strawberry Mango Vanillaparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15308-9
Blossoming Daisiesparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15154-2
Viennese Crunch Bitesparve10 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15262-4
Mini Roll Cake Assortedparve8 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15350-8
Cup Cake Partydairy / parve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15287-7
Mini Sorbet Popsparve7 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15305-8
Biscoloti Dessert Cupsparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15311-9
Coffee Dessert Cupsparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15313-3
Smores Dessert Cupsparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15312-6
Tiramisu Dessert Cupsparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15314-0
Mini Dippers Ice Creamparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15289-1
Mini Sorbet Dippersparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15303-4
Frubic Scubeparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15301-0
Kremlin’sparve6 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15302-7
Mini Strawberriesparve12 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15304-1
Frozen Squaresdairy / parve4 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15338
Dessert on Wheelsdairy / parve4 PACK / SINGLE0-91404-15339-3
Premium Sundae Quart / Chocolate Fudgedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15340-9
Premium Ice Cream Quart / Vanilla Fudgedairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15340-9
Premium Ice Cream Quart / Vanilla Razzledairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15161-0
Premium Sorbet Quart / Blueberry Limeparve1 PACK0-91404-15162-7
Premium Sorbet Quart / Mangoparve1 PACK0-91404-15162-7
Premium Sorbet Quart / Strawberryparve1 PACK0-91404-15162-7
Premium Sorbet Quart / Strawberry Mangoparve1 PACK0-91404-15162-7
Premium Sorbet Quart / Trio / Vanilla Strawberry Mangoparve1 PACK0-91404-15162-7
Premium Sunday Quart / Caramel FudgeDairy / parve1 PACK0-91404-15340-9

If you have one of the recalled products, you can return it for a refund at your original point of purchase.

The FDA is concerned that people will keep recalled products in their freezer because ice cream has such a long shelf life.

Listeria infections can cause symptoms such as fever, gastrointestinal distress, muscle aches, headache, stiff neck, loss of balance, confusion, and in severe cases, convulsions or death.