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TWINSBURG, Ohio (WJW) — An eviction from an Akron home in February lead to a heart-breaking discovery.

“The home was found in really deplorable conditions and so the dogs were all found upstairs in one room they were living in their own waste they had not been left with food or water, so they were starving,” said Louise Dilullio of the Humane Society of Summit County.

“We are very fortunate we were called and we were able to rescue the 19. However, unfortunately, one was found deceased on property and we were just glad we were able to get these other guys out before that same fate happened to them,” said Kristin Branagan, also of the Humane Society.

Video shared with Fox 8 News shows just how disturbing the conditions were in which the pups were abandoned.

The dogs, described as beagle-dachshund mix, were taken to the Humane Society of Summit County which was awarded legal custody last week after more than a month of rehabilitation.

“One thing in particular their nails of all the dogs were so grown out that it made it almost impossible for them to walk and very painful,” said Dilullio.

“The puppies went directly into foster homes where they were provided much needed socialization love and TLC and the adult dogs remained on site here where they were needing medical care and a lot of loving as well,” said Branagan.

Staff and volunteers at the Humane Society were exercising the dogs outdoors on Tuesday where they appeared playful and very friendly, happy to have caring human interaction.

“They have all gained a little bit of weight and seen the vet. They have all been spade and neutered, and had their vaccines and microchipped and they are ready for adoption. The humane society says its officers take cases of abuse, neglect and abandonment very seriously,” Dilullio said.

Dilullio tells Fox 8 that charges in this particular case are pending the outcome of an investigation.

“It’s hard to imagine that people can treat animals this way who could not provide for them and then leave, discard them like that. Its hard to imagine you could treat an animal like that,” she said. “People find themselves in a situation where they are getting overwhelmed. Please call your local humane society. If it’s here in Summit County, call us. We have services to help whether it’s to provide needed medical care, population control, behavior advice. We are a resource to the community and we want people to know before they get into a situation like these guys were put in. Give us a call and hopefully we can help you out of it,” said Branagan.

The dogs are just a few of those being cared for at the shelter that have been rescued from similar circumstances and need good loving homes.

“We celebrate the fact that they are here and now saved. We are just ready for the phone call to rescue the other ones that need us,” she added.