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LAKE COUNTY, OH – Lake County Sheriff Daniel Dunlap has announced that more than 170 people had their concealed carry permits revoked recently.

He said they were taken away because none of them had the proper training.

“We had to notify them with a letter recently that they never had a valid license because they didn’t complete the appropriate hours of hands on training or training,” he explained.

Their instructor is to blame for that. The sheriff said he wasn’t teaching the necessary information and was instead just signing off on their certificates.

“Eventually somebody was going to do something or say something and it was inevitable that we would find out about it,” he said.

The instructor isn’t being named at this time, but he is facing a series of felony charges.

Sheriff Dunlap said he also wouldn’t be surprised if a class action lawsuit is filed at some point.

“Some people were paying 75 to 100 dollars. So let’s do that math,” he said.

The instructor has since lost his teaching license.

As for the students, they’ll have to take the concealed carry course all over again.

“It doesn’t seem practical that we’re going to try to charge 170 people with a crime when they main criminal is the guy who inappropriately gave the classes to these people,” said Sheriff Dunlap.

When it comes to advice, he said people really need to do their homework and make sure they’re meeting all the requirements under state law.

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