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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Saint Ignatius High School on Thursday announced several members of the school’s varsity lacrosse team have been suspended as a hazing investigation is underway.

According to a release from the Cleveland school, it was recently made aware of an off-campus gathering of some members of the team that happened in March.

“An investigation was immediately launched. Unfortunately, the investigation revealed that underage drinking, hazing, and conduct unbefitting of Saint Ignatius student-athletes occurred. This behavior in no way aligns with the mission of our school,” the statement from Saint Ignatius said.

Seventeen students have been suspended, and the varsity lacrosse team will not participate in this weekend’s MSCLA Tournament, Saint Ignatius said.

“Hazing activities vary in severity and exist along a continuum. While the behavior at the gathering
was grossly inappropriate, at no time was the physical safety of a student at risk. That said, these
are serious violations of school policy and are contrary to our values as a community, and will not be tolerated. The care, safety and well being of our students are always our top priority,” the statement went on to say.

The school said police were not involved in the investigation, and no criminal charges will be filed.

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