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CONCORD TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW) — After receiving a complaint about the conditions at Caroline’s Kids Pet Rescue & Sanctuary, the Lake Humane Society decided to check on the cats living there.

Executing a search warrant, Lake Humane Society agents, along with a veterinarian, entered the pet rescue on Sept. 25. It was determined upon arrival that cats were living in unsatisfactory conditions (see photos below) and that most of the cats were reportedly in critical health.

Lake Humane Society reported removing 49 dead cats, along with transporting 161 live cats to the its facility in Mentor.

Cats were said to be ailing from things like ringworm, URI (Upper Respiratory Infection), the serious feline virus panleukopenia and also fleas.

An investigation is underway, but there are not any criminal charges at this time.

Caroline’s Kids Pet Rescue & Sanctuary said they tried very hard to save the cats. They addressed the issue on their Facebook page that you can find here.

People looking to donate to Lake Humane Society to help the cats rescued from the property can find out more at  

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