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NEWTON COUNTY, Georgia — A father is being questioned by police after his 15-day-old baby was found dead in the woods.

CBS46 reports that the parents of Caliyah C. McNabb said she was fed and changed around 5 a.m. Saturday. She was then put back to bed with her 2-year-old sister in the back of their home at a mobile park in Covington, Georgia.

When they went to check on her at 10 a.m., they found Caliyah wasn’t in her bed.

Police issued a search warrant for the home, and a search party canvassed the woods nearby.

The baby’s body was found inside a duffel bag in those woods Sunday at around 3 p.m.

Police said they questioned the baby’s mother, and she was released. They said, however, that the baby’s father, Christopher McNabb, took off running when he found out the baby’s body was discovered.

He was found later and charged with a probation violation.

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