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CLEVELAND — The 140th Cleveland Police Academy graduated 49 officers and one fire investigator Friday at City Hall.

Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Council Safety Director Michael McGrath and Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams administered the oath to the 140th Cleveland Police Academy, swearing them in.  These new officials will be assigned to the neighborhood districts based on patrol.

According to officials, the recruits were selected following a Civil Service exam administered in 2017 for the patrol officer position.  The candidates underwent several tests, comprehensive background checks, and received more than 1,100 hours of instruction in police tactics, criminal law, community diversity and crisis intervention.

Officials say that as recruits, the class received training to specifically prepare them to the needs of the community.

“As the 140th police academy class graduates today, we are working to ensure better policing in our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “In taking their oath, these 49 patrol officers and one fire investigator are fulfilling my commitment towards real reform and providing better quality of life for all Clevelanders.”

The city says that due to budget enhancements, the Division of Police anticipates hiring 150 police officers in 2018 and an additional 100 officers in the first quarter of 2019.

Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams said, “These men and women have worked very hard to get to this day, and I want to welcome them to the Division of Police. I’d also like to remind the public that we are actively recruiting and actively hiring more officers.”

The division expects to expand the ranks from just under 1,500 sworn members to just over 1,600.  The division says they are scheduled to hold four academy classes throughout 2018.  Those who wish to apply can do so online here.