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(WJW) – If you’re looking to score a free chicken sandwich, all you have to do is break up with your old one.

At least, that’s what Wingstop is calling for chicken sandwich consumers to do.

The restaurant with several Northeast Ohio locations has recently debuted 12 new chicken sandwiches – each with a different “mouthwatering flavor.”

The restaurant is willing to bet that after just one taste “fans will be begging to split from their current and tired weekly lunch date to get their hands on Wingstop’s crispy chicken sandwich.”

Wingstop says in a press release that they know breakups are hard, but they’re here to make the split easier.

“Simply swipe right over to to pen a breakup letter and, the first 100,000 fans to make their split official before September 5 will receive a code for a free Wingstop Chicken Sandwich. It’s just that simple.”

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