CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – Calling all kitty lovers!

More than 1,000 cats are making their way to Cleveland this weekend as part of the Cat Fancier’s Association’s (CFA) International Cat Show & Expo.

The two-day event is back after a four-year hiatus taking place Saturday and continuing Sunday at the I-X Center.

The event boasts cats of all kinds – from fancy to athletic; of course adoptable; even famous social media influencer cats. And everything in between. And Saturday, cat fans not only got to see cats, but also dressed up, as seen below:

“The CFA International Cat Show and Expo promises to be a feast for the senses featuring fancy feline competitions, costume and cosplay contests, captivating hands-on experiences, education, and over 100 vendor booths packed with the most adorable, unique, and irresistible cat-themed merchandise,” read a release.

Tickets are $14-$16 and can be purchased at the door or in advance.

To find out more about the CFA International Cat Show and Expo, CLICK HERE.