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Editor’s note: Video shows when Interim Chief of Police Wayne Drummond recalls the moment he heard about the 10-year-old’s death

CLEVELAND (WJW) – A woman has been taken into custody after a 10-year-old boy was shot and killed, Cleveland police say.

Early Monday morning, around 12:30 a.m., officers responded to East 77th Street and Donald Avenue. They reportedly found Cayden Williams, 10, with critical injuries from a shooting and he was taken to University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children and was declared dead.

Police said after a preliminary investigation, it appears the victim’s aunt was “handling a firearm and shot through the ceiling, the round went through the floor of a bedroom the child was in, ricocheted off of a mirror and struck the child.” 

An investigation into the incident is ongoing after the aunt was taken into custody.

In a press conference on Tuesday, city officials addressed the recent uptick in violent crimes and deaths due to gun negligence.

Seen in the video above, Interim Chief of Police Wayne Drummond says became emotional during the meeting when he recalled the moment he heard about the shooting.

“I’m working out and I had to pause,” he said as he choked back tears. ” I have four kids, three grandkids, I had to pause. I’m going about my business and here’s a 10-year-old that’s dead. His family life has changed forever. As a police officer for 33 years, I’m thinking to myself what can I do, what can we do collectively to prevent those things from happening.”