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CLEVELAND– A 10-year-old boy from Wickliffe took on a Michelin Starred-chef in an live cooking competition Monday inside Dante in Tremont.

This battle was not just for bragging rights. For Jaime Trost, it was a chance to do what he loves while he felt well enough to whip up an impressive dish.

“I’m excited to like make stuff and win,” Jaime said.

Jaime’s mother, Sheryl, said she was told he had a 20 percent chance of survival. He was born premature, diagnosed with congenital diaphragmatic hernia and hemophilia.

She said her son has no diaphragm on his right side, which led to some of his organs migrating to his chest. That inhibited the grow of his lung. Jaime has endured an estimated 30 surgeries and procedures.

“He kind of has a bunch of different organs and systems that it’s affected from his lungs. He has a lot of respiratory issues and auto inflammatory disease so he has a lot of pain physically,” Trost said.

While Jaime’s health continues to be an ongoing challenge, he said he finds comfort watching children cooking and baking competition shows on television. He even makes cooking videos with his parents.

A Special Wish Cleveland made Jaime’s day as a chef possible. He was crowned the winner of a fruit tart bake off against Chef Dante Boccuzzi.

“Jaime hasn’t stopped smiling jumping up and down talking about today his mom said for quite some time now,” said Eileen Lane, of A Special Wish Foundation.

Despite Boccuzzi’s culinary achievements, he was at a slight disadvantage when it came to this face off with Jaime.

“I woke up to a video of some kid saying, ‘Hey I think I can beat you in your own restaurant,’ so I said, ‘Alright let’s do this,'” Boccuzzi said.

Through a series of challenges, Jaime forced him to use coconuts in his dish and even convinced Cleveland police officers to handcuff one of Chef Boccuzzi’s hands during a portion of the bake off.

His parents said Jaime’s day as a chef is one more way he continues to defy the odds.

“It makes me feel happy, excited and I feel like impressed and I like it,” Jaime said.

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