(WJW) – Time to get out and buy those tickets. Wednesday night’s Powerball jackpot has risen to $1.73 billion. That’s the second largest lottery jackpot ever.

We haven’t seen a Powerball winner since July, so this pot keeps getting bigger and bigger. There have been 35 consecutive drawings without a winner and the prize repeatedly rolls over when no one wins.

Most winners do opt for the cash option. For tonight’s drawing, the cash option is estimated at $756.6 million. Or you can also choose annual checks over 30 years.

Powerball has terrible odds at 1 in 292.2 million.

But the slim odds aren’t stopping people from buying lottery tickets. There was a constant flow of buyers Wednesday morning at the Shell Gas Staton in Brook Park. It’s one of the luckiest places in Northeast Ohio. Over the summer a Parma man won a million dollars in the Mega Millions at this Shell station.

Lottery hopefuls tell us what they would do with their winnings.

“If I was to win the Powerball, I would put two million back for myself and create a fund and charities,” said Craig Quary. “I could give to people who would really need it.”

“I would open an animal sanctuary and take in all the unloved animals,” said Sherry Hyatt. “And I would help the children at St. Jude I’d probably give a big chunk to St. Jude.”

If you do win you are advised to immediately get yourself a financial planner. Ohio is one of the few states where you can remain anonymous if you win.

Tonight’s drawing is at 10:59pm.