CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — It’s the perfect recipe to make if you are feeling under the weather or want to cheer up someone who’s not feeling well. Food stylist Jenn Thomas created this dish and says “it’s easy, filling and super affordable”. Jenn shows Fox 8’s Kristi Capel how simple it is to make Chicken & Rice in this edition of Fox Recipe Box. You can follow Jenn on Instagram and get more of her recipes by clicking here.

Chicken & Rice


6 chicken thighs (skin on and bone in or skinless and boneless)

3 Tablespoons Mirin*

1 white onion, small diced

5 garlic cloves, minced

1 inch ginger, grated

6 cups chicken stock

2 cups Botan* rice

4 Tablespoons butter (optional)

neutral oil for searing chicken


Preheat oil in a deep crock with lid, on high. Liberally season chicken thighs on both sides with salt and pepper. When the oil is hot, add in chicken three at a time and let sear. Flip once and sear the other side. Remove chicken from pot and add in onion and Mirin. Stir with a wooden spoon to remove all the bits from the bottom of the pot. Add in garlic and ginger and 1/2 cup chicken stock. Add the seared chicken back to the pot. Pour the remainder of the stock over the chicken. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 1 hour.

Add in rice and stir. Place the lid on top and reduce heat to low. Set timer for 20 minutes. When timer goes off, turn heat off and let sit for 10 minutes. DO NOT REMOVE THE LID! The steam will continue to cook the rice. When the 10 minutes is up, remove the lid and stir. Adding butter if desired. Enjoy hot!

Botan rice can be found at most grocery stores or on Amazon! : Botan Musenmai Calrose Rice, 5 Pound : Everything Else

Mirin can be found at most grocery stores and also on Amazon! : Mizkan Mirin, Sweet Cooking Seasoning, 12 oz. : Grocery & Gourmet Food