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With Thanksgiving just a few days away, Fox 8 News in the Morning anchor Stefani Schaefer shared an update with her Facebook fans on her husband’s progress.

Roger suffered a traumatic brain injury back in April when he fell from scaffolding.

Since then, Stefani has included viewers in Roger’s recovery both on-air and on her Facebook fan page.

What follows is Stefani’s entire update:

“It’s been a little while since I’ve updated all of you on my husband Roger and his progress. I love saying that word… PROGRESS. Roger has made some progress over the last month…. but as I’ve said so many times, it’s just so painfully slow. But… it’s progress. Roger still has no memory of his life… and is not able to retain new memories. He has difficulty naming things – people and objects. He is still not clear when he tries to explain things… but is very good in answering the question – How are you? He always says he is doing great. He remains so positive. I marvel at that. Just last week, I asked him if I was his wife and he said… “No, Danielle is.” We were not sure where he got that name – or who Danielle is… but when I asked him, he said, “well you both are my wife.” Then, I kissed him and said again, “am I your wife?” And he said YES! As if he never doubted it for a minute. It was sweet. He is still not recognizing faces – even his own… so that makes it difficult when we see him initially. He seems to act as though he knows us… but we have to reintroduce ourselves each time we are with him or when we talk to him on the phone. About 3 weeks ago, when we were saying goodnight to him on the phone, he said my name – I was SO excited! He had remembered my name from the beginning of our conversation. That just was amazing! That was the first time he had remembered that he was talking to me… and acknowledged that. The kids were so happy too! (We had him on speaker) :-) I think one of the hardest things is that some of the progress doesn’t continue to build. Some days it’s there… and the next day sometimes it’s not. It just comes and goes. I pray so much and ask God to continue to build on the progress. On Friday, I was able to take Roger out of the hospital and bring him to the kids school to surprise them. It was “Dads Do Lunch” and Roger used to help out when he could on those days. My friend Gina and I walked in the cafeteria with Roger… which was a complete surprise to our children. Race jumped up and ran over to hug his dad. He was just SO thrilled and excited to see him. He couldn’t stop smiling. Race’s friends were excited too. They are all such sweet kids. Siena came running up next.. and was in tears. She was so shocked to see him walk through those doors. It really overwhelmed her – seeing him – she just cried. It was a wonderful and very touching moment for our family. The teachers, principal, staff and students were all so precious. Everyone was so nice and so happy to see Roger. They had all been praying for Roger since his accident back in April. So, to see him, walking in the school – was such a sight. (Did you catch I said “walking?” Roger hasn’t been in his wheelchair or used his walker in over 3 weeks – yes, PROGRESS)! While I was driving him back to the hospital, I started thinking of how for months I had prayed to one day surprise the kids and bring Roger for Dads Do Lunch… and that even 2 weeks ago, I don’t think he would have been able to do it. He wasn’t ready. It really is amazing the progress that he is making. Again, it is so slow – so VERY slow – but those little steps make me feel great comfort that perhaps more steps are just around the corner… (or at least down the block). I have learned to be so patient… and have to just “Give it to God.” As a friend recently told me, “God’s Got This.” I do admit, I have to remind myself of that countless times throughout the day, because I tend to internalize and hold in the pain and let it just build until I feel that I am about to explode. At times I feel so broken and sad – beyond belief. My children remind me everyday of the good stuff and the PROGRESS that is being made. They are so right. It’s so easy to get down, because some days it really is one step forward, several steps back. In fact, we just learned Roger has another new infection, so hopefully they can get that under control and try to find out why he continues to get them so frequently. Each one of course comes with it’s set of issues and concerns…. and worries. But, I just have to continue to believe, that we will get through. This Thanksgiving we are planning on bringing Roger home from the hospital for the majority of the day, so he can be home for Thanksgiving. I think back to that horrific day seven months ago, and THANK GOD that he has brought us this far. HE has carried us day by day, baby step by baby step, even giant leaps at times…. and has shown us great PROGESS. I should have know, because after all, GOD’S GOT THIS. I hope you and your family have a beautiful Thanksgiving. Treasure those moments… Hug your family and be BLESSED :-)”

*For more information on Roger’s accident and recovery, click HERE.

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