Download: Is it ok to check your significant other’s phone?

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Imagine this: You’re 10,000 plus feet in the air when you hear a ruckus. Only, the commotion isn’t because of a malfunction with the plane … it has to do with someone’s marriage.

That’s what happened on a Qatar Airways flight on Sunday when a woman found out her husband was having an affair.

According to, the passenger unlocked her betrothed’s phone by placing his finger on it while he was sleeping and discovered the news.

The woman, who had reportedly been drinking on the flight, was removed from the plane after arguing with crew members who were trying to help with the situation.

She was not charged.

This poses the question, though: Is it ok to check your significant other’s phone? Vote in our web poll, below, then head to our Facebook page and leave your thoughts. They could be read during the 9 a.m. Download.

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