AVON, Ohio (WJW) — Many people in Northeast Ohio don’t realize that tropical flowers and plants are easy to grow in Northeast Ohio and can be enjoyed year round — outdoors in summer and indoors during winter. Fox 8’s Scott Sabol learned more about Flowering Tropicals from AJ Petitti, President of Petitti Garden Centers. The Petitti Team also shared tips regarding tropical ‘thrillers’.

Some flowering examples included Bougainvillea, Mandevilla, Dipladenia, and Hibiscus, all of which love to bask in the heat and full sun all summer long. They also offer a good deal of pollen or nectar to support important Northeast Ohio pollinators! Flowering tropical plants appreciate routing fertilization spring through summer to maintain their flower power.

For gardeners with a lot of shade, there are also plenty foliage tropical plants that offer striking contrast in containers and in the garden. Some examples AJ showed this morning include Caladium and Alocasia.

The key to gardening with tropicals in Northeast Ohio is simply to take advantage of our hot, humid summers to mimic their natural environment. When fall comes, most tropicals can be overwintered indoors. They’ll go dormant, but they can easily be kept alive as houseplants, biding their time until they get the chance to thrive again outdoors the following spring and summer!