Time to Start Your Garden!

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A.J. Petitti joins the Morning Crew to teach you how to start your seeds indoors.

The easiest to start indoors are leaf lettuce, tomato, marigold, nasturtium and zinnia.

The hardest plants to grow from seeds are tubers or root crops such as potatoes/dahlias or carrots/celery, hybrid varieties (certain tomatoes), tropical plants such as bananas and woody plants such as trees and shrubs.

Herbs are pretty easy with the exception of Rosemary due to its woody nature.

Be aware that some herbs that are seeded do not necessarily have the same flavor or aroma that you would expect.

Plants that are grown from cuttings of a parent plant carry on the same exact flavor, etc.

Some perennials grow better from seed than others, especially biennials like Hollyhocks and Foxglove.

You can learn more by watching the video above.

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