AVON, Ohio (WJW) — September is the time of year when we need to turn out attention to our lawns and focus on all things grass related according to AJ Petitti. This means taking care of weeds, re-seeding and more and Fox 8’s Wayne Dawson gets the rundown. AJ is the president of Petitti Garden Centers and is a regular contributor on Fox 8 News in the Morning.

The Petitti team advises:

  • Got weeds? Give the lawn several applications of Weed Beater®, roughly 7-10 days apart, until they’re eliminated. Make sure to apply on a dry day with no rain in the forecast for the next 24 hours, so the product has time to work.
  • Fertilize with Scotts® Step® 4 Fall Lawn Food or the organic alternative, Espoma® Organic® Fall Winterizer Lawn Food, this month. It’s the most important feeding of the year and goes a long way to refresh a summer-weary lawn and help strengthen roots before winter.
  • If your lawn is thin, overseed this month. New grass has plenty of time to establish before going dormant for winter, and it germinates & roots better in September than any other month.