AVON, Ohio (WJW) — Spring Birding is a wonderful hobby that helps create a natural habitat beneficial to birds, but also for wildlife and pollinators. Fox 8’s Scott Sabol learns the best ways to attract Spring Birds to your yard.

The Petitti team shares these tips for Spring Birding:

  • Employ squirrel-resistant feeders, if you like feeding the birds but have issues with squirrels plundering seed before the birds get a chance.
  • Add wildlife feeders if you have a soft spot for squirrels and chipmunks, as cute as they are, to cater to them while distracting them from the bird feeders.
  • Use pre-shelled seed options like sunflower kernels, safflower seed, or peanut pieces in your bird feeders, if you don’t like the seed scraps that sometimes pile up when birds discard shells.
  • Install specialty feeders now and fill them with nectar and jellies to support Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and Baltimore Orioles returning to Northeast Ohio now.
  • Plant nectar-rich annuals like Petunia and Cuphea to support hummingbirds this growing season.
  • Plant berry-producing shrubs like Viburnum, Holly, Serviceberry, Elderberry, and Blueberry to feed all birds.
  • Clean feeders at least once per month to prevent any build-up of bacteria and fungus that can spread disease across the bird population.

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