CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — The summer heat brings on insects, weeds and can take a toll on your landscaping. What can you do? Fox 8’s Wayne Dawson gets timely advice from Petitti Garden Center‘s Ken Zawicki. The Petitti team shares these tips:

  • Seeing discoloration, bare spots, or odd-looking patches developing in the lawn? This could be evidence of sod webworms, Japanese beetle grubs, white moth, slugs, and more. Apply Ortho® BugClear™ per package instructions.
  • Seeing holes and damage on your vegetable plants? This could be evidence of chewing and pest insects. Look on the undersides of leaves for camouflaging insects, and spray with Bonide® Eight® or other organic products directly on the foliage.
  • Did you apply Ortho® Home Defense in the spring? The application is likely close to expiring after 3 months, so apply again late summer/early fall around the exterior perimeter of your home to keep bugs from coming in as the weather turns cooler.
  • Deer damaging your plants? Spray with Plantskydd® to repel them naturally.
  • Plants looking a little sad? Feed them with Osmocote® as a midsummer pick-me-up to rejuvenate them.