CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — What flowers or plants produce the most fragrance and what do you need to know to incorporate these into your garden? Fox 8’s Scott Sabol learns more from AJ Petitti, President of Petitti Garden Centers, on how to create a garden that smells beautiful! Make sure to check out AJ’s specific suggestions listed below.

When it comes to growing fragrance in the garden, plants like Roses and Lilacs are familiar options. But there are plenty more you may not know! Here are a few of AJ’s favorites:

  • Lavender – The flowers and foliage of this summer-blooming perennial offer a ton of fragrance, they’re incredibly cold hardy in Northeast Ohio, and they also offer high deer resistance!
  • Variegated Iris – The flowers of this early spring-blooming perennial have offer a fun orange/grape soda pop fragrance.
  • Butterfly Bush – These herbaceous shrubs deliver a strong, sweet, honey-like fragrance that does an incredible job of drawing butterflies and other pollinators. A single shrub in bloom is often covered by dozens of butterflies of different species at the same time!
  • Citrus Plants – Varieties of these flowering & fruiting tropical plants lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange plants can be grown outdoors spring and summer in Northeast Ohio, and then overwintered indoors as houseplants. The small, white, tropical blooms emit a sweet fragrance similar to jasmine or gardenia.
  • Lantana – This plant is a favorite annual flower option for gardeners in Northeast Ohio because it offers fragrance that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, plus it also ranks very high in deer resistance.