CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — Many of us are feeling like our homes are looking a little drab after the holidays, but AJ Petitti has a great idea that can freshen up your home instantly! AJ is the President of Petitti Garden Centers and says houseplants are a simple and easy-to-care for option that brings a fresh feel to any space. AJ shares some of his favorite houseplant ideas with the Fox 8 Morning Show team.

The Petitti team offers this basic winter houseplant care tips:

  • Use a moisture meter to help determine if a plant needs to be watered or not because overwatering is a common winter mistake people make with indoor plants.
  • Pay attention to the kind of pot you’re growing in; pots with drainage holes can be watered thoroughly and set in a sink temporarily to drain from the bottom, whereas a decorative cachepot that has no drainage hole will need to be monitored to make sure water isn’t pooling.
  • Know whether the plant you’re growing prefers low light, medium light, or bright light, and place it accordingly in your home.
  • Avoid fertilizing and re-potting plants until early spring.

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