CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — The unofficial start of summer is here and your lawn and garden is looking for some attention. Fox 8’s Scott Sabol got his Memorial Day weekend ‘to do list’ from AJ Petitti, President of Petitti Garden Centers.

Here’s what AJ suggests you take care of in the lawn & garden this Memorial Day Weekend: Plant up the veggie & herb garden!

Apply Scotts® STEP 2 or a similar “weed & feed” product to your lawn early in the morning using a spreader when the ground is still wet with dew, so the herbicide sticks to the weeds and can be most effective (it requires foliar contact).

Apply Scotts® GrubEx® to your lawn using a spreader, then water it in. Be diligent about doing this every spring, and it’ll go a long way to prevent grubs and the problematic Japanese Beetles into which they mature!

Spot treat miscellaneous patches of persistent weeds in the lawn by spraying them with Weed Beater® Ultra on a day with no rain in the forecast for 24 hours. If may take several applications over a couple weeks, but keep applying the product routinely in intervals and it will take care of the problem.

Transplant perennials and shrubs properly by gently digging and lifting the root ball sized equal to the reach of the branching; make sure to dig the new hole twice as wide as the root ball you just lifted; amend the soil with fresh planting mix, so the plant has a ‘soft landing’ and can root more easily; add Espoma® Bio-tone® at the base of the hole, which is a root stimulator and starter fertilizer.