CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — What needs attention in your yard this holiday weekend? AJ Petitti, President of Petitti Garden Centers, shares his lawn and gardening ‘to-do list’ with Fox 8’s Scott Sabol. The Petitti team also shared their list of September Lawn Care projects with Fox 8.

-Stay on top of harvesting in the garden and cleaning out damaged/diseased foliage all the way through September.

-If your tomatoes took a hit this year, you’re not alone. The extra rain & humidity this season has been very difficult for tomato growing.

-Now’s the time to put down your 4th application of lawn fertilizer, using either Scotts® STEP 4 or Espoma® Organic Fall Winterizer. It’s the most important feeding of the entire year, so don’t skip this one.

-If you’ve got weeds or nutsedge in the lawn, address them now before they spready any further or go to seed. Leaving them as-is will make it harder to handle next year.

-September is the best time to overseed or re-seed the lawn and it’s the best time to install & establish new plants. Plus it’s more comfortable & enjoyable as temperatures cool. So get out & into the garden, and enjoy!