CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — Seeing Perennials return year after year is one of the greatest joys of gardening. June 1st marks the start of Perennial Gardening Month and Noelle Akin with Petitti Garden Centers shares tips to help the novice and veteran gardener. The Petitti Team shares some great bullet points about perennials and those are shared after the video below.

Definition of Perennials – These are plants hardy to our climate that will grow back on their own for 3 years or more (whereas Annuals must be planted each & ever year because they don’t survive our winters).

Benefits of Perennials – They increase diversity in the garden, they’re highly adaptable to outdoor conditions, and they attract the pollinators necessary for our environment. They’re also very low maintenance, once established.

Modern Plants – Classic varieties such as peonies from 50+ years ago are still in growing production, but modern breeding has also increased variety and selection available for each plant family. Modern vareties often deliver bigger flowers, increased resistance to disease/pests/animals/weather, and more color varieties.

Feeding Perennials – The plant food of choice for Perennials is Plant-tone®, and you only need apply it twice per year – in spring and midsummer (whereas Osmocote® is the recommended food for Annuals).

Re-blooming Ability – Deadheading is always a helpful practice when it comes to Perennials because it encourages the plant to continue flowering throughout the season.