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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — Many Northeast Ohio lawns have been invaded by an enemy known as the fall armyworm.

Experts say the armyworm can cause severe damage to grass and crops in a matter of days.

Fox 8’s Scott Sabol got advice from Petitti Garden Centers‘ Ken Zawicki on what to do if your lawn is suffering. Ken also addressed other lawn issues many are seeing right now and reminded everyone that fall is the time to address these issues in order to have a nice lawn next Spring.

The Petitti Team summed up suggested products to help deal with common problems we are seeing right now.

Labor Day Lawn Care Tips

  • Armyworms – Monitor for these uncommon caterpillar-stage pests that migrated up to Northeast Ohio from the southern states with this summer’s storms. If found to be doing damage, apply Ortho® BugClear™ granules using your lawn spreader, or Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew® for an organic alternative. You’ll be rid of them in 5-7 days.
  • Weeds – With the persistent state of wetness caused by this summer’s combination of rain, heat, and humidity, weeds are running rampant. Work to get rid of them during fall so they don’t have a chance to overwinter.
  • Patch & Repair – Address bare spots in the lawn now. Clear the area of dead grass and debris, loosen the soil, then apply a product like Scotts® EZ Seed® for a fast-acting resolution. It’s an all-in-one combination of seed, starter fertilizer, and protective mulch that’s perfect for addressing small areas.
  • Aerating – It’s an excellent time to aerate the lawn, which will allow moisture, air, and fertilizer to circulate better within the soil and support grass roots development.
  • Lime – Spread Lightning Lime™ granules using a spreader to support your lawn’s ability to take up fertilizer nutrients and create overall healthier grass.