CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — It’s GO time according to AJ Petitti and Fox 8’s Scott Sabol learns what needs to be done to get our lawns green and healthy. The Petitti team compiled a list of the top 5 things to do Easter Weekend:

  1. Apply Scotts® Step 1® to prevent annual crabgrass seed from sprouting and taking hold because it’s easier to prevent than control after the fact. Use Step 1® for Seeding, if you’re planning to over-seed the lawn with grass seed this spring.
  1. Work on any weeds you’re seeing now using Weed Beater® Ultra, which is most effective in the lower temperatures of spring. Getting a fast, early start is the best way to control spring weeds before they become a bigger problem.
  1. If the brown thatch between grass blades and soil is more than a half-inch thick, run a de-thatcher to pull it out. A layer of thatch that’s too thick creates a barrier to the soil for grass seed and granular treatments you want connecting directly with the soil.
  1. Spread grass seed now to over-seed and thicken up the lawn, and patch & repair bare spots using Scotts® EZ Seed®.
  1. Complete your feeding and pruning tasks in the next week, if you haven’t had a chance yet.