AJ Petitti says tackle these yard projects before snow falls

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OAKWOOD VILLAGE, Ohio (WJW) — There are some important tasks left to be done in our yards before the snow falls. AJ Petitti, President of Petitti Garden Centers, explained to Fox 8’s Stefani Schaefer what we need to tackle.

The Petitti Team shares a detailed list of all this information:

Pruning – Don’t hard prune any trees or shrubs at this time, as the fresh cuts could make the plant susceptible to winter damage. Simply deadhead any giant flowerheads (like on panicle hydrangeas) so the heavy flowers don’t weigh the branches down over winter.

Raking – Don’t allow leaves to pile up and blanket the lawn all winter, as this will create the perfect conditions for winter snow mold. Rake up as much as you can and keep the grass clear.

Perennial Grasses – It’s perfectly fine to leave grasses standing all winter, as the plumes and seeds provide food and nesting material for birds. If you do this, plan to cut the grasses down to the ground very early in spring.

Weeds – Get rid of as many weeds as you can before winter sets in. Weed Beater® Ultra is specially formulated to work in cooler temperatures and will do well to eliminate hundreds of broadleaf weeds, including cool-weather weeds.

Mowing – Lower the mower one notch at a time this fall until you’re mowing down to about 2 to 2.5 inches as the lawn goes dormant. Leaving longer blades standing through winter will result in grass that bends and lays over, creating the perfect conditions for snow mold.

Winter Wheat – Sow these grain seeds into the cleaned-up veggie garden just like you might sprinkle salt on a burger. The seeds will germinate, and the small wheat plants will add nutrients back into the soil over winter.

Evergreens – Feed your evergreens now with Holly-tone® and Iron-tone® to ensure they transition into winter with a supply of nutrients.

New Trees – Apply a tree guard to the trunk of any newly-planted trees to prevent winter damage, to deter animals from nibbling at the fresh bark, and to prevent deer from rubbing their antlers on the trunk.

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