CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — How deep do you need to dig? What do you need to know about the soil? Will your plant have enough nutrients to grow? These are just a few of the questions many people have about planting and Fox 8’s Scott Sabol got the answers from AJ Petitti, president of Petitti Garden Centers.

AJ offers advice on the best process to follow when planting here in Northeast Ohio, given our typically heavy clay soil conditions:

  • Dig your hole no deeper than ¾ the depth of plant’s root ball, leaving a little bit of the root ball exposed above ground.
  • Amend the soil so that it’s 50/50 fresh planting mix and existing ground soil.
  • Include Bio-tone® starter fertilizer and Plant-tone® maintenance fertilizer as you backfill the hill.
  • Make sure to keep soil and mulch pull back from the center crown/base of plant so as not to suffocate it.