CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — It’s going to be a scorcher in Northeast Ohio the next couple of days. That means you’ll need to water.

AJ Petitti, from Petitti Garden Centers, provided some information about how to do so without burning your plants or lawn.

From AJ:

  • Always water in the morning, and try to use a watering wand or tool that controls the flow and offers a rain-like flow, so you’re not hitting the plants with a harsh stream that can damage or stress them.
  • Apply Hydretain to help plants manage moisture and retain water better. This also means you may not need to do the work of watering as much!
  • Spread mulch around the perimeter of plants to keep the soil cooler for the roots and to help retain moisture. Never pile mulch directly around the neck or base of the plant, as this works negatively to suffocate the pant.

He also provided some information about whether it’s too late to get a garden started:

  • Vegetable gardens make sense to start any time before the 4th of July. After the holiday, many veggies may not have enough length of time to mature and produce a long harvest. Planting of perennials, trees, and shrubs should continue throughout the summer and the rest of the growing season. You just may need to increase your watering to make sure the plants establish well and aren’t left to dry out in the high heat of the summer.