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Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) deflected questions about Rep. Marjorie Greene’s (R-Ga.) committee posts on Sunday, saying that it’s not up to him to decide panel assignments.

Greene was selected to sit on the House Homeland Security Committee and House Oversight and Accountability Committee on Tuesday after being stripped of her committee assignments by Democrats in 2021. When asked on Sunday if he would prefer to see someone else on these committees, McCaul declined to answer directly.

“I’m not the chair of that committee, and I’m not the Speaker either,” he told Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week.”

McCaul said that, despite Greene’s past comments about conspiracy theories, including questioning the Sept. 11 attacks, the Georgia Republican has “matured.” He added that the senior members of Congress should educate her on how some of the conspiracy theories that she has spread are “not accurate.”

“I will tell you she has matured,” McCaul said. “I think she realizes she doesn’t know everything. And she wants to learn and become I think more of a team player.”

“I think it’s incumbent upon more senior members to try to — she’s a member of Congress — bring her in and try to educate her that these theories that she has are not accurate,” he added.