My Town: Solon Police Collecting Items for Soldiers

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Solon Police are helping to support our troops and you can too!   On Saturday, November 19th from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., Solon Officers will be filling patrol cars with donations for soldiers in front of the Solon Giant Eagle Store at 34310 Aurora Road.  The Bainbridge USO will then place donated items in care packages and ship them to soldiers in combat.  Solon Police will be competing with Bainbridge Police to see who can fill the most patrol cars. 

Items that are most needed are:

men’s deodorant                                                         batteries (all sizes)

travel size shaving Cream                                           zip-loc bags (all but gal. size)

eye drops, ear drops and cough drops                      disposable cameras

bug Spray (OFF Deep Woods Towelettes)               toilet Paper (travel size)

body Wipes (10-16 count)                                            Puzzle Books     

sunscreen                                                                      white cotton socks

dryer sheets                                                                    playing Cards (nothing offensive)

peanut butter (small packs/no glass)                            Slim Jims

jelly (small/no glass)                                                       fruit snacks (small)

any small canned goods with pop top lids                 dry drink power mixes (small or individual)

chicken, tuna, Vienna sausages, sardines, etc. (small cans)

letters of support and thanks