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CLEVELAND — A local businessman will soon be releasing his own brand of Bourbon whiskey. The whiskey maker is using a unique process that makes his aged bourbon quicker and tastier.

Like a fine wine, good Bourbon takes time to perfect. Since 2009, Cleveland businessman Tom Lix has been working on his unique patent pending process of making aged whiskey in a couple days rather than years.

“A good Bourbon probably takes 9 to 12 years, that’s a sweet spot for Bourbon in a bottle,
so it’s like the fast forward button on your DVD. We press that button move the process a lot faster and in the end we wind up with a better tasting whiskey,” says Lix. The whiskey is also cheaper to make.

Lix took Fox 8 on a tour of his 3000 square foot distillery on East 25th street in Cleveland.
He showed us the corn, barley, wheat and rye plus the room full of machines used in making his “Black Bourbon” whiskey which has “Cleveland” etched on the bottle. Lix employs six employees to help make the whiskey.

“We take the wood from the barrel and we chop it up into measured pieces, put those pieces into stainless steel pressured capable containers and then apply pressure,” say the Bourbon maker.

Lix says a number of Cleveland chefs and bartenders have shown interest in his locally brewed spirit and would like to carry the booze. He says the whiskey industry is growing worldwide so he wants others to have a taste of his unique brand.

“Whiskey’s are going through a renaissance, plus importantly, it’s in worldwide demand. People in China are drinking more whiskey, and in India they are drinking more whiskey. In Russia they are drinking more whiskey, I want to export our product ultimately,” says Lix.

Lix says he’s expecting government approval in a matter of weeks, so soon you’ll be able to buy Cleveland’s Black Bourbon at your local liquor stores or restaurant. He says the whiskey will be priced less than $35 per bottle.