My Town: Kent State Gives Millions in Scholarships

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KENT, Ohio — Kent State University is giving away free money and lots of it in hopes of landing the best high school seniors from around the country. 

“The mission here at Kent State from our President is to increase the enrollment of better quality students both with a better high school GPA as well as the high school ACT test score,” said Dave Garcia, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at Kent State University.

In order to do that, Kent State is dishing out $31 million in merit scholarships.

“As you are trying to build the quality of the freshman class you have to go out there and reward students that work so hard in high school to earn those good grades that we award them with a merit scholarship,” Garcia said.

More than $31 million in merit scholarships have already been offered to incoming freshman. That is up $7 million from last year.

“President Lefton has made a commitment to increase the quality of the freshman class and he understands in order to increase the quality that you have to invest so we are investing additional resources in scholarships,” said Garcia.

Several students have taken to Twitter to show their appreciation for the free money.  Kayla Posey tweeted: ‘Just got a scholarship from Kent State.’  Ashley Banks added: ‘Kent State gave me 3 scholarships.’ Abby Sammons typed: ‘Got $5,500 to Kent State each year for 4-years, #excited.’

Josh Mansfield, a senior at Akron Firestone High School received $8,000 in merit scholarships. He instantly chose Kent State over Akron and Ohio University simply because of the money.

“Prices of school with the way that they are right now, any dollar helps even small amounts like $200, $300,” he said.

Mansfield knows $8,000 goes a long way, not only for his future, but for his parents.

“Anything that will save them from having to pay for things and then having me have to pay for it down the road is a blessing,” said Mansfield.

About 6,328 incoming freshman have already been offered a merit scholarship to Kent State.

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