My Town: BHS Students Win Art Contest

My Town

Aaron Pajestka and Aleece Merrell proudly display their award-winning artwork.

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By Cheyenne Wurm, BEAT Reporter

The results are in, drum roll please! Congratulations to Aaron Pajestka on his first place win at First Federal of Lakewood’s Art show on January 15. Following him in second was Aleece Merrell and Allie Bauer in third. All three are students from Brunswick High School who unknowingly created masterpieces that earned them recognition by a room jam packed with parents and fellow artists.

Over 100 pieces of pottery, painting, ceramic, vases, and more were featured. As first-place winner, Pajestka received a $100 Visa gift card, while Merrell earned a $50 gift card, and Bauer a $25 gift card.

“I love art!” said Aleece Merrell. “Now that I have more skill, I absolutely have to go buy some expensive supplies to practice with!”

First Federal of Lakewood also gave the Brunswick Art Department a donation to assist in purchasing new materials for every artist to follow their dreams. “Art is my passion,” expressed Shannon Bahr, a Brunswick student that also attended the show. “The classes are a relaxing break from the difficult academic courses I’m taking this year.”

A gracious thank you goes out to Michelle Cabassa and all of First Federal of Lakewood for allowing Brunswick to have this event. When asked if she thought the art show would have potential to be a yearly production, Cabassa responded “Absolutely! A lot of people from the community have stopped by to view the artwork. It would definitely be a hit again next year.”

Congratulations to all of the students who had their artwork displayed and viewed. Keep pursuing your dreams and celebrating art!

Cheyenne Wurm, a tenth-grader at Brunswick High School, is one of over thirty “backpack journalists” in the award-winning Brunswick Schools Video Program. The Program is sponsored by RPM, Plum Creek Assisted Living Community, Medina Hospital and Lorain County Community College/University of Akron at Midpoint Campus.

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