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CLEVELAND — Cleveland hosting the 2019 MLB All-Star Game is positively impacting the city’s economy.

The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission estimates All-Star Week will generate $65 million in revenue for Cleveland businesses, which includes packed restaurants, sports bars, hotels and visitors checking out other attractions like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile, MLB’s Play Ball Park drew big crowds to the Huntington Convention Center again on Sunday.

“It’s awesome for the economy of downtown Cleveland. I can tell you our family, we spent a lot of money in the convention center. I love having this attraction come to Cleveland,” said baseball fan Jon Vanscoit.

Restaurants are bringing in extra staff, which will also benefit workers who will earn extra tips this week.

2,000 media members are in town giving Cleveland world wide attention.

The huge amount of money being spent in Cleveland, also means the city cashes in with extra tax money which can be used for city improvements, like fixing potholes.

Stores like the Cleveland Clothing Company on Euclid Avenue are packed more than usual.

“It’s been great for the community and the city. we’ve had a lot of crowds come down here and it’s just been awesome and fun times,” manager Desiree Moar said.

Cleveland will once again be in the national spotlight when the city hosts the NFL Draft in 2021, and the NBA All Star Game in 2022.

**Don’t miss the All-Star Game Tuesday night, July 9, on FOX 8**

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