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PARMA, Ohio (WJW) — A group of Parma residents came up with a pretty awesome way to show support for health care workers in their community this week.

Tuesday night, they parked in the lot at University Hospital’s Parma Medical Center and gave them a sea of flashing lights to say ‘thank you.’

“It was actually bringing tears to our eyes. I know the nurses that I work with right now are so stressed, but this is what we do,” said Alyssa Pieronek, a nursing assistant who works on the 9th floor. “We take care of patients and we take care of one another. We stay united. It was really great to see the community pull together for us and show that they stand behind us and recognize what we are going through.”

Pieronek said it was planned on a Parma Facebook page. They even reminded the nurses to look out the window in time.

“We all ran to the window, and there it was,” Pieronek said of she and the others on 9 West.

Watch it all happen in the video player above.

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