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Darren and Mike Appear on Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast

A picture of a podcaster recording a podcast with their microphone and laptop set up from their couch.

A picture of a podcaster recording a podcast with their microphone and laptop set up from their couch.

A picture of a podcaster recording a podcast with their microphone and laptop set up from their couch.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, February 27, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Seasoned digital marketing consultants and successful MLM marketers Darren Ewert and Mike Dreher recently made an appearance on the popular direct selling video podcast Direct Selling Accelerator.

The successful duo, familiar to many as the Darren and Mike Dream Team, talked in length about their journey as MLM marketers and as online mentors/consultants, their business values and practices, the approaches they take to stay relevant and competitive in the business world, and more.

Interviewed by the host Samantha Hind, Darren and Mike began by relating their own story about how they started out as independent online entrepreneurs from the scratch.

Darren remarked that although they had considerable exposure to online marketing as part of their previous corporate jobs, they had almost zero knowledge of direct selling.

Moreover, once they started direct selling, their sponsor or recruiter left them completely in the dark ('recruit and run'), meaning they had to learn all the ropes of network marketing by themselves. It took time, and a great deal of effort, but Mike remarked that all that work and challenge actually set them up for success in their current roles as online business mentors.

Nurturing Relationships and Creating a Healthy and Inclusive Culture

Having experienced successes as mentors and direct sellers with their Darren and Mike MLM business and a significant amount of members making up the Darren and Mike digital business mentorship program Facebook community, the duo was expectedly asked how they go about managing and nurturing relationships with such a vast number of people?

Darren and Mike answered that the key to nurturing relationships is to create a healthy culture of integrity and mutual respect inside the group. For example, they relate that their Facebook community is full of people from all walks of life who are always willing to help each other.

Entrepreneurs will post about certain issues they are facing, and others will then come up with helpful answers in a bid to solve the issue in question. Darren, in fact, reveals that their Facebook community now has 1,500 voluntary moderators since it is simply not feasible for two people to manage such a big community on their own.

Making Use of Systems to Manage and Scale the Business

Darren explains that by systems, they mean certain structures created with the help of the latest tools and technologies. For example, posting regular webinars for different time zones, conducting live mastermind sessions using Zoom, and being responsive to people's queries.

There are so many different systems that help them stay current with their present business requirements and grow at the same time.

Mike, in fact, comments that they can manage such huge numbers exclusively due to the fact that they are operating online and that he has absolutely zero idea about how people go about managing a direct selling or MLM business without being online.

During the interview, the duo also discusses how they encourage their clients to break down their goals into bite-sized pieces and always celebrate each milestone (no matter how small it may seem from the outset) inside the community.

This will not only encourage them to push ahead with their own bigger ambitions but will also act as a general source of encouragement for everyone else in the community.

Apart from the above, Mike and Darren also share in the podcast valuable tips on how to launch a Facebook community; how to leverage the power of digital and social marketing; how to deal with negative bias; and much more.

Interested parties can listen to the full podcast and get a more in-depth insight into Darren and Mike's business practices and principles or visit their website to learn more.

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