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Dr. John Manzella Gives Back With Scholarship For Second Opportunities

Dr John Manzella

Dr John Manzella

Allentown Based Physician John Manzella Helps Students With Funding

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Dr. John Manzella Scholarship for Second Opportunities is now open for application. The scholarship is available for all university and college students on the road to success despite having a parent has been jailed. The scholarship is also open for high school students who will attend a university or college and whose parents have been incarcerated. The most deserving student will be granted the scholarship fund. The winner of the scholarship will be selected through a short essay competition. To be eligible for the scholarship fund, you must have a parent who has served time in prison, you must be a US citizen, be enrolled or preparing to enroll in an accredited university or college, and show the need for financial aid. The student who deserves it the most will be carefully selected based on the results of our essay contest. All students with incarcerated parents are encouraged to take advantage of scholarship opportunities to fund their education. Students must provide their official names, an active telephone number, high school or college names, GPA, address, and a personal bio when submitting applications.

A child's mental health, social behavior, and performance can all suffer as a result of having a parent or guardian in incarceration. It may have a significant impact on a student's opportunities for education. The emotional trauma, financial hardships and even the social stigma that accompany a parent's or guardian's incarceration may harm a child's life. While such children may well be skilled and enthusiastic about improving themselves, plenty of them is forced to give up on their dreams for the lack of financial resources. A few are compelled to work part- or full-time to raise money for their sustenance and schooling. With their divided attention and no guardian or parent to give them a hand, such children do not perform well in school. Dr. John Manzella knows the difficulties that incarceration can bring. Therefore, he is providing a scholarship award to alleviate the financial struggles of students whose guardians or parents have been imprisoned. Through the scholarship, Dr. Manzella hopes to raise much-needed awareness of the difficulties that students whose parents are incarcerated face. He is also wishing that the winner of the scholarship fund will have a humble and peaceful time focusing on their education. He further hopes that the scholarship fund will provide more opportunities for needy students to obtain financial assistance.

Dr. John Manzella is currently the Medical Director and Practice Manager of LV Housecalls.com, in addition to being the Physician Liaison and Billing Expert for Topper Medical. He earned his doctorate from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1995, and his Ph.D. in Health Care Management from the University of Rochville in Washington DC in 2013. He is a successful entrepreneur and physician. Medscape has named him the smartest family doctor in diabetes. In 2011, he was also named one of the top 100 family doctors in the country. He is board certified in both pediatrics and internal medicine. He knows just how difficult the educational process may be for students, especially those whose guardians or parents have been incarcerated. He wants to relieve their stress by offering his scholarship fund. For instructions regarding how to apply, all qualified applicants should visit Dr. John Manzella's authorized scholarship page.

Dr. John Manzella
Dr. John Manzella Scholarship
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