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Cannabis10x Investors Can Now Join Cannabis Technology Platform, WeedTV

Cannabis10x Capital Pitch Events

Cannabis10x Capital Pitch Events

Cannabis10x Capital Pitch Event

Cannabis10x Capital Pitch Event

Weed TV

Weed TV

Investors can now join WeedTV with a team that founded Vegas on Demand and Baywatch. This is a 10X return in 5 years.

As CNN did for news, ESPN for sports, or MTV for music, WeedTV will do for the cannabis industry. Our business model is simple, we connect ‘Content with Commerce’ creating cash flow and profits.”
— Mark Bradley, CEO
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, November 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Cannabis industry is riddled with restrictions, license complications, and a complex legal terrain. BUT, for smart investors, now is the time to enter the arena. Federal restrictions are abating while market shares surge. Being in and vested, poised for the great reveal is crucial. But what is the best way to enter?

Cannabis10X founders, Jason Tropf and Holly Ford work with investors to target both short-term gains and long-term strategic portfolios. "Cannabis10X advises new clients to make small to mid-sized investments in an array of non-plant touching businesses. This gives our investors protection through diversification as well as from any complications with plant touching regulations," emphasizes Ford.

"We look for opportunities for our investors that can show a 10X return. CMN (Cannabis Media Network) is just that opportunity," states Tropf.

Weed TV boasts a powerful 'whose who' board of directors that spawned the World Poker Tour, Rainforest Cafe, and the Stratosphere Casino. CEO, Mark Bradley, a pioneer of digital distribution that was part of the creation team of “Vegas On Demand” - the first ever video on demand National Cable Network distributed in 104 million homes; Michael Berk, President of Programming, famous for being the Executive Producer of Baywatch, the show which became the most watched TV series in television history; Tony Caporicci, as Chief Technology Scientist whose team has written software and applied common tools and enhanced these models to complement Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Federated Learning as it pertains and applies to creating algorithms for Cannabis Interests, Cultivation and Use.

But why WeedTV? The most obvious reason is that CMN is ahead of the crowd. WeedTV is the only Cannabis-related App that has been approved by both Apple I-tunes and Android under the category of Entertainment.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram own their users, censor cannabis content, and reserve the right to deny access at any time. WeedTV does just the opposite, creating Channel Partners with clients to assist them in developing a re-post database connecting content to commerce.

WeedTV operates on CMN’s technology proprietary AI platform that delivers a powerful media, marketing and merchandising company positioned to become the dominant player in both the business-to-business and consumer sectors of the Cannabis Industry. CMN's plan creates a multi-billion dollar business within 5 years.

“As CNN did for news, ESPN for sports, or MTV for music, WeedTV will do for the cannabis industry. Our business model is simple, we connect ‘Content with Commerce’ creating cash flow and profits," declares Bradley.

WeedTV is the fertile breeding ground for businesses to plant their products - a place where viewers are engaged in content and have access to entertainment, information, exclusive offers, special events and creative experiences while socially connected with providers and other enthusiasts. This avails unprecedented access to cannabis leaders and proprietary relationships with media and entertainment industry experts.

Weed TV offers two primary types of Television and Video content: WeedTV Originals and User Created content. WeedTV incentivizes content producers to create their own channel, and publish original videos by sharing up to 70% of its ad revenue. This adds thousands of videos to the platform that others pay to produce, all while driving traffic to the entire platform. This strategy allows consumers to experience virtually unlimited amounts of content categorized under Art, Cooking, Entertainment, Events, Growing, Medical, Money, Politics, Products, Weed 101, News and Live Events.

If you would like to invest in this non-plant touching opportunity, contact Cannabis10X. The company's initial round of investments secured the technology, initial content, and the creation of the beta social media website and apps. This round will go directly to the official launch and immediate revenue generation of the platform.

Companies providing information, and some, but far from all of the services offered by WeedTV to the Cannabis Industry are: WeedMaps.com and Leafly.com. The average cost to be on these platforms is $1,600 per month and as much as $15,000 in major markets. As a much more powerful and attractive way for Cannabis businesses to reach their customers, WeedTV’s proprietary technology is truly disruptive, providing features that dwarf those offered by these companies and doing so at a fraction of the cost. As to how the market might value WeedTV, note that WeedMaps.com was recently sold for $1.5 Billion.

WeedTV has many many revenue streams with over 700 independent channel partners and user generated content, Android and I-phone entertainment APPS, featuring Video Publishing and Syndication, Watch Video and TV Shows, News Feeds, Channels, Live Broadcast, along with Loyalty Reward Programs, Customer and Viewer Database Management, Coupons, Advertising Delivery System, and an e-commerce Payment platform.

For the detailed offering or to create your Cannabis portfolio contact Cannabis10X

Jason Tropf
+1 727-515-1886
email us here

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