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(Motor Authority) — The Rimac Nevera has set nearly two dozen new performance records, including a 0-60 mph acceleration record for production cars, the company announced Wednesday.

The all-electric Nevera achieved 0-60 mph in 1.74 seconds at the Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) test track in Germany, a number that was independently verified by data loggers from Dewesoft and RaceLogic, according to a Rimac press release.

This beats the 1.79-second record set by the Pininfarina Battista—which shares a powertrain with the Nevera—in 2022. The Battista had in turn beaten a previous 1.85-second record set by the Nevera.

Rimac Nevera sets 23 performance records May 2023 

The new record, as well as the previous records set by the Nevera and Battista, were achieved with one foot of rollout. Without rollout, i.e. timing acceleration from a complete standstill, the time would be slightly slower. Rimac said the latest record was achieved with road-legal Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires “on non-prepped asphalt.” The previous Nevera time was done on a high-friction dragstrip surface. How Rimac achieved the traction to beat the record without a prepped surface is perplexing.

On the same day as the 0-60 mph record, Rimac claims it also set a new 0-400-0 kph (0-249-0 mph) record of 29.93 seconds, which the company says is more than a second quicker than the previous record holder. These are just two of 23 performance records Rimac claims to have set in a single day. That figure is itself a record for most vehicle performance records broken in a single day, Rimac claims.

Among the other records is a new quarter-mile record for production cars. The two independent sources differ slightly here, with Dewesoft recording an 8.25-second run and RaceLogic posting 8.26 seconds, but either way it beats the Nevera’s own record of 8.58 seconds set in 2021. Other new records include 0-100 kph, eighth-mile time, half-mile time, and the standing mile. 

Rimac Nevera sets 23 performance records May 2023 

The Nevera used for this record-setting spree wore a special livery inspired by the Rimac BMW e-M3, the E30 BMW company founder Mate Rimac converted into an EV, a project that became the genesis for the Rimac company. Rimac says that car set a number of all-electric speed records in its day, so the Nevera is keeping a tradition going.

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In addition to this long list of records, the Nevera also holds the record for world’s fastest production EV with a top speed of 256 mph recorded in 2022. First shown in 2018 as the C_Two concept, production started in July 2022. Rimac plans to build just 150 examples, after which the company will move on to other projects, including the next generation of Bugatti supercars.