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The Waze navigation app is a handy way to check local traffic conditions, and now Volvo is integrating it with its infotainment systems.

The automaker announced Waze integration for the U.S. market Wednesday. Owners of recent models with Volvo’s Android-powered infotainment system can get Waze with a one-time download from the Google Play Store, according to a Volvo press release.

Volvo Waze integrationVolvo Waze integration

Once downloaded, the in-car Waze app offers the same features, including real-time routing, navigation, and traffic alerts, as the mobile version, according to Volvo. Waze tested the in-car version virtually using an Android emulator offered by Volvo to ensure compatibility with cars’ infotainment systems, the automaker noted.

Native Waze integration was enabled by the Android-based infotainment system that launched in the Polestar 2 and became available in Volvo models such as the XC60 beginning with the 2022 model year. This embeds Google Services, including the Google Play Store, Google Maps, and Google Assistant. Other automakers are beginning to take a similar approach, with General Motors even planning to phase out Apple CarPlay (and standalone Android Auto) in favor of Android-based systems.

Volvo Waze integrationVolvo Waze integration

Volvo is keeping Apple CarPlay compatibility for now, but it does plan some future updates for its infotainment systems. A new user interface debuting in the 2024 EX90 electric SUV aims to reduce driver distraction by restricting the information shown to the driver and changing what is shown based on context. For example, it will show different things when the vehicle is parked versus when it’s being driven.

U.S.-market EX90 models will be assembled in South Carolina, with deliveries scheduled to start in calendar-year 2024.

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