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Almost a year after teasing Hyundai Home, a coordinated home-energy ecosystem bundling EV charging, solar power, and battery energy storage, Hyundai has officially confirmed a market launch.

At the 2022 Los Angeles auto show, Hyundai announced that Hyundai Home is now available through its dealerships in 16 states. The automaker also announced a partnership with Electrum to create “a one-stop online marketplace” for customers to source home charging stations, solar panels, and energy storage systems, and also find installers.

Hyundai HomeHyundai Home

Once customers have selected a home charging station and any additional solar or energy storage hardware, they’ll be given three installation bids from Electrum’s network of electricians. Electrum will also provide “energy advisors” to guide customers through the process.

This type of service could help drivers get more out of their EVs. Charging an EV from a home solar installation reduces that car’s overall carbon footprint while lessening dependence on the grid. Energy storage maximizes use of solar power by capturing excess energy and storing it for times when the sun isn’t shining.

Hyundai HomeHyundai Home

Hyundai EVs based on the automaker’s E-GMP platform, including the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6, are also equipped for bidirectional charging, potentially allowing them to discharge power to help run a house when needed, as with the Ford F-150 Lightning’s Home Integration System. Hyundai hasn’t confirmed whether that will be part of the plan for Hyundai Home, however.

Hyundai Home also fits with the automaker’s aspiration to become a “smart mobility solution provider” spanning beyond manufacturing and selling cars. General Motors has similar aspirations with its new GM Energy division, which will oversee charging and energy-related services based around the automaker’s EVs.

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