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A new trademark filing hints at another possible name for a future Cadillac electric vehicle.

General Motors recently filed a trademark application for the name “Ascendiq” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The name fits with Cadillac’s current style for EV name, which uses names ending in “-iq.”

Cadillac aims to sell only EVs by the end of the decade, and is expected to only launch EVs from here on out. The rollout has already started with the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq crossover, and will continue with the Celestiq flagship sedan, due in 2024, likely as a 2025 model.

Cadillac Celestiq conceptCadillac Celestiq concept

Beyond those two models, Cadillac is also expected to launch an electric compact crossover for the 2024 model year, followed by a mid-size crossover with third-row seats, and an electric version of the Escalade.

While Cadillac has three upcoming EVs with unconfirmed names, the Ascendiq filing gives it at least six possible trademarks to use. Trademarks for Cadillac Optiq and Cadillac Symboliq were filed in 2020, followed by Vistiq and Lumistiq in 2021. Cadillac also filed a trademark application for the Escalade IQL name at that time, hinting at the nomenclature for the Escalade EV.

Not every Cadillac dealer is on board with the brand’s electric transformation. The automaker said last year that around one-third of its dealers took buyouts rather than commit to selling EVs, which would require GM-mandated upgrades like the installation of charging equipment. GM is offering buyouts to Buick dealers as well, but has indicated it won’t offer them to Chevrolet dealers, and has remained mum on plans for GMC dealers.

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