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Genesis is on a roll with design, and all signs point to the South Korean luxury automaker speeding up rather than slowing down. On Tuesday in Malibu, California, the walls fell away from a box housing the Genesis X Convertible concept that could preview an electric convertible.

Light on details and long on looks, the 2+2 electric hardtop convertible makes a design statement that might as well be an exclamation point.

Genesis X Convertible conceptGenesis X Convertible concept

Stopping short of confirming the stunning convertible for production, Luc Donckerwolke, head of design for Genesis, told Motor Authority, “I don’t like show business.”

Genesis said the X Convertible is based on the same electric platform as the Genesis X Concept revealed in 2021 and the Genesis X Speedium concept revealed last April. Donckerwolke said the three concepts have been built to refine the design formula and see if a business case can be made for a limited run of series production cars.

Genesis X Convertible conceptGenesis X Convertible conceptGenesis X Convertible conceptGenesis X Convertible conceptGenesis X Convertible conceptGenesis X Convertible conceptGenesis X Convertible conceptGenesis X Convertible concept

Inside, the X Convertible’s driver-centric cockpit is a tweaked version of the X Speedium Coupe concept’s interior, which looked production ready when it was revealed in August and does here as well. Like in the coupe, the center console is turned toward the driver and walls off the passenger from the controls.

The folding hardtop, which wasn’t shown or put up during the reveal, is said to utilize transparent moonroofs to provide occupants an open feeling even while closed.

Low and sleek, the concept has a long dash-to-axle ratio, an extended hood, short front and rear overhangs, wrap-around LED lights at all four corners, and a ducktail spoiler. It all punctuates simple, attractive lines. Genesis noted the aero-dish wheels feature a functional design with a specifically spaced concave area that extracts heat from the brakes.

Donckerwolke said the design shared by the X Convertible and the Speedium coupe concepts seems to have found the sweet spot for a grand tourer that resonates with customers.

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