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Knowing your vehicle’s history is important even if you’re only spending a few thousand dollars, so it’s positively vital when you’re paying six and seven figures for your next ride.

Bugatti understands this and in 2014 launched a certified pre-owned program for the Veyron, and on Wednesday the French marque announced an enhanced version of the program covering both the Veyron and Chiron.

The program is offered through authorized dealerships and is different for the two hypercars. For the Chiron, it includes a 1-year limited warranty that Bugatti claims is just as comprehensive as the warranty provided on new models. It covers all parts and labor for mechanical, electrical, corrosion or paintwork issues.

For the Veyron, the limited warranty covers only mechanical and electrical items, including the cost of parts and labor.

Bugatti maintenanceBugatti maintenance

In both cases replacement parts come with their own 2-year warranty that covers parts and labor. The program also includes an annual service within the first year of ownership, as well as official certification of the car’s status and history.

The program applies worldwide, so somebody buying a Bugatti in the U.S. and then needing work done while in Europe will still be covered by all European authorized dealerships.

Bugatti also has an extended warranty program for its hypercars and in 2018 enhanced this with a loyalty maintenance program that extended the warranty up to 15 years. The automaker also offers factory upgrades for its cars, such as paint and interior changes.

Many rivals in the exotic space offer similar programs, including Pagani, McLaren, and Ferrari. Such programs have become popular as reliability has improved, as they help improve confidence in a brand and, as a result, in resale values.

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