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(Our Auto Expert) – The 2023 Miami International Boat Show is the world’s largest, and it is going to have a huge impact on the marine economy.

The marine industry generates about $1.34B in annual revenue and at this show alone, we see more than a thousand boats on the carpet and more than a hundred thousand attendants. One thing that makes it unique is that consumers not only come down and look at some of the boats at the show, but they can also test drive them as well. 

Some of the featured boats include the 2022 Boat of the year. The Sea-doo Switch has been around for a few years already but has made its name known loud and clear. Part of what makes it so unique is that it’s modular on the inside. That means you can take all of the seating arrangements and customize the craft to what makes sense for you. For under $22,000, this is an incredible pontoon boat. 

If fun for you means a little bit more, then the NauticStar 22L would be up for consideration. The L stands for Legacy and the 22 for the length. NauticStar is an offshore powerboat brand, but this is only 22 feet in length. But has the attitude of a big offshore boat. Will seat up to 12 and has an 81-gallon tank. If you’re in Miami that means you can get to the Bahamas on one tank. This starts at just under $60,000

“So much activity in Miami Beach right now, but the energy is here with the boat show,” said Alex Fernandez, commissioner of the City of Miami Beach. “Our waterways, the tropical environment, the weather, so come visit Miami Beach and enjoy Spring in the beautiful city!”

One of the unique things about this show is the presence of electrification. No longer just for cars. The show debuted their first ever electric pavilion where consumers can come in and see firsthand what’s happening in the Boat world of electrification. Including charging stations that will be at Marina’s. 

The biggest boat at the Miami International Boat show is 337 feet and is called the APHO. You get a garage that houses a personal watercraft, along with a Helipad on the top deck. The inside dining quarters accommodate 25 guests for dinner. The cost is in the ballpark of $300 million dollars.